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Town & Country Critter Evictor, Inc.
Critter Removal

Professional and Humane Removal of Nuisance Wildlife

Menacing racoon

prairie dog
Red Fox


​​a racoon getting in a trash canWe remove any unwanted pest or wild animal including: Racoons, Skunks, Squirrels, Armadillos, Opossums, Rats, Mice, Gophers, Moles, Snakes, Dead Animal Removal, Odor Control for Dead Animal Smell, Pigeons, Birds, Bats, Bees, Wasp, Feral Cats, Foxes, many insects and much more..

We specialize in Wildlife Management services including: Inspections, Removal of nuisance wildlife, Removal of animal feces, Decontaminate nesting areas, Replacing attic vents, Installing chimney caps, Damage repairs, Insulation upgrade, Prevention repairs, Dead animal removal, Odor control for dead smells and much more........

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